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Big Table exists to see the lives of those working in the restaurant and hospitality industry transformed by building community around shared meals and caring for those who are in crisis, transition, or falling through the cracks. This community and care are open to all in the industry without condition.

why care 3 - catch basin 375The largest single employment group in the United States is restaurant workers. Add in hospitality workers and that number of people employed is close to double that of any other industry in the country. It is a vibrant industry full of gifted, creative, and generous people.

It is also brutal. Many employed in restaurants or hotels live on the very edge working multiple jobs and without a safety net. It is the industry in the United States with the highest rates of drug and alcohol abuse in the country and the hours required often strain relationships past the breaking point.

Big Table is committed to building relationships rather than simply offering a limited list of programs.   These relationships start with shared meals around a literal “big table.”

HOW IT WORKS describes both how we started and what Big Table does in more detail.