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Our Mission

Big Table exists to see the lives of those working in the restaurant and hospitality industry transformed by building community around shared meals and caring for those in crisis, transition, or falling through the cracks.

Big Table’s Care

The majority of our initial relational engagement results in care that falls into five critical impact areas that directly stabilize the working poor who make up much of the restaurant and hospitality industry. These are people who fall between the cracks – not able to make enough to survive but making too much to qualify for the critical support services reserved for those already unemployed or homeless.

This initial care may look like the following – utilities assistance, help with rent or a deposit for housing, connections to a counselor, car repair, diapers or food for a single mom, a bike for work transportation, medical or dental help, or assistance with resume development.

We do not provide hotel vouchers or long-term financial assistance.

Criteria for Assistance

To qualify for care, recipients must be currently employed in the restaurant or hospitality industry. If a care recipient is currently unemployed but can demonstrate they have worked in the restaurant or hospitality industry within the last three months and are actively seeking employment in the industry, a referral will be accepted.

Priority care recipients are front line employees in restaurants as well as hotels, resorts and casinos. This is where we focus the majority of our monetary, in-kind services and ongoing relational support.

Potential care recipients must be referred by another person aware of their need – preferably a supervisor or coworker.  We will contact you first– as the referrer – to verify details and urgency of the request.

Based on the volume of requests, at times we will create a waitlist for new referrals.