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Hundreds of people will be working for minimum wage this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in fast food restaurants throughout Spokane and Seattle. For most this isn’t a choice – their name just showed up on the holiday schedule.

So here’s a new holiday tradition… We’re asking that you take a few minutes away from your celebrations to show up at fast food counters or in drive‐through lanes. You will hand out $20 bills – enough for the whole crew – inside HOLIDAY CARE BLITZ envelopes.

It is amazing what an unexpected $20 can mean to someone just trying to get by.

Typical fast food outlets run shifts of 5 ‐10 people so the total cost would be between $100 and $200.

To sign up for Holiday Blitz in Seattle, click below and email Kristi to choose a restaurant.

Click below to choose from a list of Spokane Restaurants and sign up for Holiday Blitz. Times and employee count will be updated as information comes in.

Sign ups close Monday December 17.

Fun Ideas: Sign your family up without telling them, put an envelope in each person’s stocking & then after the gifts are opened, go as a family to deliver the surprise! Make it festive… sing a carol, bring some cookies, etc or keep it simple… whatever you do will be a huge gift to these folks!

Questions? Please in Spokane contact Jodie at (509) 979-1005 or [email protected]. In Seattle contact Kristi at (206) 734-9279 or [email protected]