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Hundreds of people will be working for minimum wage this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in fast food restaurants throughout Spokane and Seattle. For most this isn’t a choice – their name just showed up on the holiday schedule.

So here’s a new holiday tradition… We’re asking that you take a few minutes away from your celebrations to show up at fast food counters or in drive‐through lanes. You will hand out $20 bills – enough for the whole crew – inside HOLIDAY CARE BLITZ envelopes.

It is amazing what an unexpected $20 can mean to someone just trying to get by.

Typical fast food outlets run shifts of 5 ‐10 people so the total cost would be between $100 and $200.

SEATTLE SIGNUPS ARE CLOSED. Use the link below to email Kristi with any Holiday Blitz questions. 

SPOKANE SIGNUPS ARE CLOSED. Use the link below to email Jodie with any Holiday Blitz questions.

Sign ups close Monday December 17.

Fun Ideas: Sign your family up without telling them, put an envelope in each person’s stocking & then after the gifts are opened, go as a family to deliver the surprise! Make it festive… sing a carol, bring some cookies, etc or keep it simple… whatever you do will be a huge gift to these folks!

Questions? Please in Spokane contact Jodie at (509) 979-1005 or [email protected]. In Seattle contact Kristi at (206) 734-9279 or [email protected]