Bible Study In A Bar Spokane Yep. It is a Bible study in a bar.

If you’d like to be part of the conversation, we’d love to have you. Expect it to be low-key and simple. No bully pulpit. The goal is to have an honest conversation about the spiritual life and discuss stories where Jesus engages people. We also plan to set aside time to wrestle with questions you might want to bring to the table.

Currently we have an “open” BS in a Bar group that meets:

Tuesday afternoons @ 3:00 pm
Rocket on Howard
157 South Howard Street in downtown Spokane

If you are interested in checking this out or curious about connecting with a group that meets at another time, call Chris: (509) 828-8474.

Or looking to engage in some BS now? Click a barrel below and share with a friend.









For more information, please use the message form below:

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