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Unexpected 20 pic- squareHere is what an Unexpected 20 envelope looks like.

We use small envelopes that are actually nicknamed “tip envelopes” and stamp the front and back.

Click here to download a Do-It-Yourself Unexpected 20 PDF template to print out your own envelopes.

If you want to order a set of 20 of our pre-stamped envelopes, click here to ORDER.  One of the donation options on our secure donation page is $20 for 20 envelopes.  It just might turn out to be the most fun you ever have with a twenty dollar bill… oh wait… you’ll have even more fun with the subsequent twenties that you and your friends stuff into the envelopes and give out.

The twenty you send us for pre-printed envelopes helps us care directly for more in the industry so thank you in advance.

Or you can make your own.  Print or hand-write the same text we use above on the front and back of your own envelopes, stuff in a twenty, and give them away.  If you have kids, get them involved.  They can help make the envelopes and they will love helping find people who might particularly need to receive one.

We focused our giving on people working in the restaurant and hospitality industry.  These are people who serve others but rarely get served themselves, and they often have to deal with demanding and challenging people or work behind the scenes in a kitchen or hotel for much less than a living wage.

Yet in keeping with our ‘no strings attached’ plan, give your Unexpected 20s to who you want.  Just be careful not to look for a thank-you or use it as a way to sell anything.  We suggest leaving it (along with a generous tip) or passing it along to a server to give to the dishwasher, the person who made your salad that day, or someone else you noticed that might be in need of some unexpected generosity.

Try it, and then let us know what happened.